Designer. Business Advisor. Public Speaker.

Hi, I’m Ike. 

A few years ago, I left a successful career in banking to study design and fell in love with the art of building new businesses. My journey took me from London to New York to Tokyo and back to London.

Now I spend my days helping entrepreneurs build thriving businesses.  I have led design sprints, managed multi-disciplinary design teams and helped entrepreneurs grow their companies from idea to £million turnovers.

I have a particular knack for helping first-time entrepreneurs articulate their business vision and turn their ideas into scalable ventures. 

What you won’t learn from my bio:

  • I am a professional internet surfer
  • My first business was a jewelry company started at university aged 19
  • I sold the business 4 years later
  • I’m obsessed with everything Japanese even though I only lived there for 8 months
  • I own two bikes
  • My ultimate travel destination is Antarctica

Where I have spoken:

  • Virgin Startup (Masterclass & Meetups)
  • Escape the City
  • CreatHers
  • Google London
  • Westminster City Council

Find me on LinkedIn, if you’d like connect. 

That’s all folks.