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Hi, I’m Ike Sikuade. I am a banker turned design engineer based in London. I am also the founder of Showerella, a social enterprise that leverages parties & celebrations to help girls break free of gender-biased hardship.

I grew up in Ibadan, Sheffield, London and Glasgow, three cities with a history of manufacturing and inventions. My cities inspired me to train as an engineer and so I read Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. After graduation, I joined HSBC bank and worked in oil & gas corporate banking.

In my free time, however, I moonlighted as a product designer and entrepreneur. I left banking in 2015 to study the Royal College of Art and Imperial in order to augment my self-taught design skills.

Although my journey into the world of design has been unorthodox, I’ve always held a passion for learning about people and creating solutions that add value to their lives. My commercial background means that I design solutions which are commercially viable, with a clear route to market. I particularly enjoy building brands.

To me, great brands are born when you create products, services, experiences with soul and relevance. For this to happen, I believe in designing everything for someone, not just something for everyone.

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