Ikes Notes - Editor

Hello darlings!

I’m Ike Sikuade, editor of Ike’s Notes, founder of Notes Beauty, and creative director of Notes Party.

I love traveling and after many years of procastinating, I decided to [finally] document my travels. And so this little lifestyle and travel blog was born. My blog is mostly about lifestyle inspiration and travel adventures, showcased mostly through food, products, places and people.

I am not a fulltime blogger – far from it. By day, you’ll find me over at Virgin Startup, advising entrepreneurs on how to start, grow and scale their businesses. In my spare time, I run two companies (as you do!):

Notes Beauty

makes custom shampoo & conditioner tailored to your hair type.

Notes Party Co.

makes plastic-free games, stationery and party supplies.

I hold two degrees – one in chemistry & engineering and another in design innovation. This means 1) I’m a little obsessed with how things actually work and 2) I’m drawn to visually appealing stuff. So you’ll find all kinds of details here, from local neighbourhoods adventures to deciphering the truth about beauty products. I hope you enjoy my curation of lifestyle and travel stories and that you find something that inspires you!



p.s. Catch up with me over on YouTube, InstagramFacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

p.p.s Notes Party Co was formerly called Showerella. We rebranded in 2018 🙂